Waterproof Flooring: Frequently Asked Questions

One of the major problems that most flooring materials, wood, in particular, run into, is issues stemming from the presence of humidity and moisture. Floors can separate, warp, buckle, and even crack, if water becomes an issue. This has led to an increasing number...

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Knowing the Importance of Carpet Installation

After spending a great deal of time researching, making lists and adjusting your budget, you certainly don’t want to leave the carpet installation of your Marietta, GA carpet up to just anyone. After all, it takes a professional to really get this job done...

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Have You Considered All-Black Carpeting?

At our Select Floors showrooms in Marietta and Roswell, GA, our on-site pros answer a wide range of questions with regards to soft surfacing. Aside from the usual concerns about durability, maintenance, and water-resistance, homeowners wonder about color trends and styles. The fact is,...

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Yes, You Can Salvage Wet Carpeting

Just be sure to act fast! After Florence, this somehow seems like an appropriate subject. Many in places like Marietta, GA, worry about humidity, tropical storms and hurricanes, but don’t let that stop you from having the carpet installation you’ve always dreamed of. A...

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