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Atlanta Hardwood Floors

Select Floors works hard to provide dependable customer service, highly qualified installers, and high quality Atlanta hardwood floors to our customers. We carry all major brands in laminate, hardwood, carpet, bamboo, and tile. The owners, operators, and estimators of Select Floors are former installers, so...

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Why Carpet Wins Every Time

Interior fashions come and go as quickly as the wind changes, but there’s one trusty addition to your home that you will come to depend upon, no matter what – the warmth of luxurious carpet underfoot. A myth dispelled… There’s a...

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The Cork Flooring Buying Guide

Cork bulletin boards and wine stoppers are familiar objects. A cork floor, however, is still quite new on the design front. That could explain why there are so many misconceptions about cork floors. A cork floor is not as...

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Five Reasons to Choose Cork Flooring

If you’re thinking of replacing your home’s flooring, then you may want to consider cork. In spite of its softness, cork is durable and has several unique advantages that make it a great alternative to more popular materials. In...

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Cool Floors for A Hot Summer

With the advent of record-breaking heat across the country this summer, Tile and stone flooring is a more popular option than ever before for homeowners; particularly in kitchens and baths. The look and feel of these floors is elegant...

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